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Update May 2020: I stopped maintaining these guides some years ago and recently replaced all the manual steps with Chef based scripts at

All craftsman require tools and a workshop.

Tools may be old and worn, but they're cared for and trusted, placed in specific locations to be easily used when needed. The collected and arranged tools form the workshop which allows one to work in a consistent and predictable manner.

These are my Linux Install Guides. They're recipes for gathering software tools and making my digital workshop.

Each recipe transforms a generic install of Fedora Linux into a familiar environment that enables me to be a craftsman in my own way.

Install Guide for Fedora 20

The following are obsolete and are for reference only:

Install Guide for Fedora 18
Install Guide for Fedora 17

These are for hand-building personal desktop environments. Server provisioning is another project...

Workshop, Silverton Gold Mill, Silverton, Colorado, USA. Maxwell Spangler, 2009